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About us

The Organization

pĭē was founded in 2010 by Saudi Experts with wide range of expertise within Saudi market. Was founded and introduced at first stages as the first boutique consulting office in Riyadh city.


And has turned into a holding company by the year 2020. Which invested in 4 other companies under it's umbrella, covering unique business & technology services in Saudi & Gulf markets. Amongst them is p ĭ ē management consulting .

The Vision

To be the leading and innovating Services' provider in Saudi & Gulf markets as Number 1 supplier introducing modern methods of conduct.

The Philosophy

We believe that innovation is the base of success. Economies, technologies are developing so rapidly, ignoring such fast-moving innovation would lead to a quick exit track out of market. Only those who innovate shall survive.

The Mission

To be one of the most practical achievers of services' transformation in the region.

We intend to provide our customers with a unique process of consultation experience from beginning to end, adopting smart, simple online solutions, easy-to-follow instructions, clear and secure payment methods, and fast, quality delivery. 

The People 

We view People as the core element and capital of the success of any organization, and we believe that we apply one of the best working environments in the region.

The Enjoyment

We really enjoy what we do, and we do what we really enjoy, this is why we have a selective set of clients, partners and team members who have real passion towards advisory & consultation world.

There is nothing more enjoyable than supporting people & organizations getting their objectives facilitated to become true.

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