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Welcome to PiE,  a World of innovation..

Pie welcomes you into a world where you will be inspired every day. No matter where, you will be sure to deal with a winning team that is innovative, empowered and dedicated to adding value to businesses, for people and for communities.

As a Client, you will find an open, collaborative and creative environment, filled with possibilities that motivate you to develop further.
There is a place for you here, if you are to find a long-term solutions to your business needs, have the right ideas.

Pie is a Saudi Company, working across borders, to find sustainable and innovative products, processes and solutions. As a company, we thrive on building diverse teams comprising of unique abilities, backgrounds and experiences. Innovation is our key strength and we truly believe that diversity stimulates innovative ideas and solutions. Welcome, and make yourself at home…



Business Model Innovation results in an entirely different type of company that competes not only on the value proposition of its offerings, but aligns its profit formula, resources and processes to enhance that value proposition, capture new market segments and alienate competitors.

Business model innovations have reshaped entire industries and redistributed billions of dollars of value. Retail discounters such as Walmart and Target, which entered the market with innovative business models, now account for 75% of the total valuation of the retail sector. A 2005 survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit reported more than 50% of executives believe that business model innovation will be even more important for success than product or service innovation. A 2008 IBM survey of corporate CEOs echoed these results. Nearly all of the CEOs polled reported the need to adapt their business models; more than two-thirds said that extensive changes were needed.

 We at Pie have adopted the BMI Concepts, Techniques, and Methodologies to serve businesses in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.